I want to help you on your freelance journey :)

Welcome to the Freelance Games Journalism Tips newsletter! The title tells it like it is—you’ll get tips, quotes, and more to help you in your freelance games journalism career. I’ve never been the one for overly flower-y titles! Exhibit A: 100 Word Gaming Reviews. Sometimes quick and to the point is best with a name, right?

Anyway, freelancing is very daunting, and freelancing in games journalism can be even more daunting. Everything is unstable, it’s hard to find good pay, and if you don’t know what to do or where to look, you may never get off the ground. This newsletter is to help you out with tips, resources, and just a general feeling that you’re not alone in this. Because you’re not!

I currently hold a full-time job, but I’ve been a freelance games journalist and e-commerce writer for about eight years. I’ve landed articles at places like The Verge, Kotaku, IGN, and plenty of indie publications with lots of heart. I even managed to pay all my bills just freelancing! Basically, I’ve gleaned a lot of knowledge on freelancing, but now that I’m not freelancing, I have time for a little side project to help however I can!

Subscription wise, I’m asking for $1 a month to subscribe to what will be this weekly newsletter. I want to keep the costs low so everyone can take advantage and subscribe, but also, getting paid is one heck of an incentive to keep this up beyond 3-4 newsletters. And also, everyone should get paid for their work. :)

Now, Substack requires that I set the price to $5 a month, but guess what? I can also set a special offer that works forever to make the price just $1 a month. So use this button to subscribe at the price I actually want to set it for.

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I’ll also release free content from time to time, but the only way to get everything is to subscribe! And I mean, it’s only a dollar ;)

The first newsletter will be coming out in mid-February, to give me time to learn how Substack works and to get the format and content set up. I’ll see you all then!

Edit: Here’s the date breakdown!

The first full-size newsletter will be released on February 10th, and it’ll be completely free! You gotta see what you’re paying for, after all. From there, newsletters will be sent directly to the inbox for paying subscribers on Wednesdays. Yay!

For free sign-ups, you won’t get the full newsletter, but you will get monthly mini-posts with some advice/’how tos’/whatever else I think is helpful. So you’ll still get something out of this! But I highly recommend that if you like what you see for the full newsletter, you subscribe!